Under the chairmanship of the region akim, chairman of the regional branch of Nur Otan party Kuanyshbek Iskakov, a meeting of the deputy faction of the regional maslikhat was held. The deputy akim of the region, heads of departments, senior officials of the regional branch of Nur Otan party, chairmen of the regional branches of the party, as well as members of the parliamentary faction of all levels of maslikhats took part in the conference in selective mode.
One of the main documents that increases the level of socio-economic development of regions, strengthens the welfare and security of citizens is a program for the development of regions. A specific and systematic determination of the priorities of the Territorial Development Program shows that it has a significant impact on the development of regions. In this regard, on October 18, 2019, the First President of Kazakhstan, the Leader of the Nation, the chairman of Nur Otan party Nursultan Nazarbayev at a meeting of Nur Otan party and the Mazhilis faction of the Parliament of the RK, heard a report by the Prime Minister, where he instructed to take control of the work being carried out on the development of regions, improving the welfare of the country's population, as well as developing territorial development programs until March 1, 2020. At the same time, at meetings of deputy fractions of Nur Otan party, maslikhats of all levels were instructed to consider development programs for districts, cities and regions.
“Deputies of the region akim should pay special attention to each indicator for those sectors that they control, for unfulfilled indicators - to find a solution to the problem, and work in this direction,” the region akim instructed K. Iskakov at a meeting of the parliamentary faction.
The head of the regional department of economics and budget planning Nurgali Kordabay made a report where he spoke about the positive trends in the socio-economic development of the region in January-September 2019. The volume of attracted investments in the regional economy increased by 52.5%, the volume of agricultural products - by 3.2%, the volume of commissioned housing - by 20%, the volume of construction work - by 2.3 times. In the sectors of the economy, 9610 new jobs were created, of which 8918 were permanent jobs. The unemployment rate was 4.8 percent. He also noted that issues of pricing policy are constantly monitored.
Akim of the region K. Iskakov at the meeting instructed the regional department of employment coordination and social programs until November 15: together with the regional departments of entrepreneurship and tourism, agriculture, as well as the RCE "Atameken" to implement a pilot project on the implementation of standard projects on training , employment, as well as lending to the unemployed.
“The shortcomings made in 2016-2018 should not be repeated this year. For this, the regional administrations, regional departments, akims of the city and regions should strictly control the performance of the Damu program and carry out appropriate work on its implementation in a timely manner. Responsible for indicators that will not be met by the end of the year, appropriate measures will be taken, ”the akim of the region concluded.