On October 31 of this year under the chairmanship of the Deputy Akim of the region M. Imandosov was held a regular meeting of the Regional coordination Council on the inclusion of projects in the industrialization Map and the Regional Entrepreneurship Support Map.

In the course of the meeting 2 new projects were presented in order to include in the regional Business Support Map: “Construction of a workshop for production and processing of polymetallic ores in Kyzylorda region” by Mining Consult Co LLP and “Shagan” Peasant Farm Rice Processing LLP.

The current state of the project with the participation of the initiators of the tomato paste production project of “Kyzylorda Agroplus” LLP was also discussed. The current state of the projects of fish-processing, mixed fodder and burnt brick factories planned for commissioning this year are considered.

It should be noted that in order to protect investors from corruption and administrative barriers by officials in the region, the front office of the project "Protection of Business and Investment from Corruption" has been operating since June 2018 ("Protecting Business and Investments")

Within the framework of the meeting, anti-corruption agreements were signed between the Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on combating corruption in the Kyzylorda region and Mining Consult Co LLP, a peasant farm "Shagan".

The anti-corruption project will work to improve the business climate.