Under the chairmanship of the regional akim, chairman of the regional branch of the Nur Otan party K. D. Iskakov held an expanded meeting of the bureau of the political council. The agenda addressed issues related to crimes committed against minors and the ongoing work to prevent them, youth unemployment, as well as the problems of education in secondary specialized educational institutions.
On September 21, 2018, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved the Roadmap for providing employment and socialization of NEET youth aged 18 to 29, including graduates of 2018. In this regard, the Roadmap for work with youth in the NEET category was approved in the region. The head of the regional youth affairs department K. Zhanuzakov reported on the implementation of the approved Roadmap.
The head of the region said that he was not satisfied with the measures being taken in relation to youth of the NEET category. He noted that the work carried out in this direction will be under his direct control, and gave specific instructions.
“Most of the young people in the NEET category are non-competitive graduates from universities and colleges. The quality of education should also be monitored. Along with quantitative indicators, specific work should be carried out. Heads of relevant departments, akims of the city and regions, you should carefully study the regulations on work with youth in the category NEET. In all areas of the region there are youth resource centers. Over 600 million tenge has been allocated for the implementation of youth policy. The state provides the necessary support, but, unfortunately, there are no results, ”said the head of the region.
At an expanded meeting of the bureau of the political council, the region akim, taking into account the information of the relevant institutions, also instructed to coordinate interagency relations for working with youth.