In Kyzylorda, under the chairmanship of the chairman of the regional branch of the Nur Otan party, akim of the region Kuanyshbek Iskakov, party hearings of the Nur Otan party in the direction of Industrial Development were held. On the agenda, the work done on industrial development in Karmakshy, Shieli, Zhanakorgan and Kyzylorda were discussed.
In Karmakshy district, within the framework of the first five-year state program, the Korkyt Ata Pilgrimage Center project was implemented. It was commissioned in 2013. The center can host up to 1500 tourists a year. Within the framework of the second five-year plan of the state program, the project “Opening a poultry farm with a capacity of 1500 tons of birds per year”. “One project was included in the industrialization map of the 1st and 2nd five-year plans for the district, the indicator is low. It turns out in 10 years only 2 projects. At the beginning of this year, the Dorstroy company leased the Korkyt Ata complex to a private entrepreneur. According to the plan, 15 jobs should be created at this enterprise, according to the Department of Revenue, currently only 3 people work there. Take control of job creation. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the design capacity, as well as the fact that the institution was opened 6 years ago, ”the region akim noted.
The district akim Ashim Orazbekuly reported on the work done in the direction of industrial development in Shieli district. Within the framework of the first five-year plan of the program, 2 projects were included in the industrial map. This is IP "Palzhanov" for the production of bricks. It was established in 2012, the institution operates stably. Today it provides 10 people with permanent work. The second project is Altyn-bala-08 LLP for the production of reed slabs. Due to a dispute between the founders, his work by the decision of the regional coordinating council was temporarily suspended and excluded from the Industrialization Map. According to the second five-year plan of the program, 5 projects in the amount of KZT 149.2 billion are being implemented in Shieli district.
“Why in the framework of the program only 2 projects were approved, why others are considered for a long time? There are no projects for light industry and furniture production. According to the results of 9 months of this year In the area there is a decline in light industry. Why, to solve this problem, the program does not provide financing for light industry projects? I ask you to take this issue under special control, ”K. Iskakov said.
In Zhanakorgan district, as part of the first five-year plan, 2 projects were included in the industrialization map. The first is «SKZ-U» LLP, a sulfuric acid plant. The institution is stable. The second KH «Tatu Agro» for the production of tomatoes. This year, tomatoes were not planted due to bad soil, and corn is currently planted on 80 hectares of land.
As part of the second five-year plan, 4 projects have been implemented in the region. This is «Premium Class - Stroy» LLP - lime production plant, «Kyzylorda AGROPlus» LLP - tomato paste production plant. In addition, within the framework of the republican industrialization map, the following projects are being implemented: the construction project of a mining and processing plant at the Shalkiya lead-zinc deposit, Kazakhstan Eurasian Logistic Service Company LLP, as well as the Agro-Industrial Complex LLP.
Speaking about the program «Economics of simple things», the head of the region noted that not a single project was adopted in the region. K. Iskakov instructed to ensure the timely implementation of the relevant work.
«Until the end of the year there is very little time left, not a single project has been adopted in the region, and you know that financing issues have been resolved for a long time. The plan approved for the district - KZT 2 billion, how will you master them? According to the results of 9 months, the region shows a decrease in light industry by 1.3%, construction - by 42.1%. Work on the implementation of projects in these sectors needs to be strengthened,» the region akim noted.
In Kyzylorda city, in the framework of the first five-year plan of the industrialization program, 4 projects were implemented, and in the second - 10.
Akim of the city N. Nalibaev made a report on the work done in this direction, and spoke about projects that will be implemented in the future.
It is necessary to ensure timely implementation of industrial projects. Land plots of non-working projects will be returned to state ownership.
It is necessary to organize work on the timely commissioning of projects located in the industrial zone, as well as on the return of non-working projects to the state ownership of land plots in conjunction with the relevant regional administrations, ”the akim of the region said, summing up the results of the party hearings.