Akim of the region K. Iskakov took part in the opening ceremony of the Alseit bridge in Kazaly district. The reinforced concrete bridge passing through the Syrdarya river in the Alseit section consists of 2 lanes. Total length is 219 a, width is 12 meters. A pedestrian crossing is provided on both sides of the bridge.
Until today, transportation and the bridge have been one of the most pressing problems for residents of settlements. The wishes of more than 14 thousand residents of 7 villages of Kazaly and 6 villages of Aral districts were fulfilled, the Alseit bridge was commissioned.
The head of the region congratulated on the opening of a new bridge, which was commissioned on New Year's Eve.
"Since ancient times, people considered the most noble deeds in the desert to dig wells, build bridges in rivers and plant trees on the road. And in past centuries bridges were built in our region."Sauranbai kopiri" under Karaozek, "Karmakshy otkeli" in Zhosaly village, “Ospan kopiri”, which stands at the height of Abay village in Kyzylorda city, “Nurkozha kopiri” in Kazaly district, which serve the benefit of the people. Today we modernize and develop the traditions of bridge building of our ancestors in a modern format. One example of this is a large bridge connecting the two banks of the Syrdarya and opened the way for the construction of a new city. And now we will use the bridge at the Alseit crossing. Congratulations! May the New Year bring joy, prosperity and good news! ", said the region akim K. Iskakov.