Deputy Akim of Kyzylorda region Bakhyt Zhakhanov at the Parliamentary hearings spoke about the socio-economic development of the region. Over the past 5 years, 1.5 trillion have been attracted to the economy of the region. tenge of investments, more than 3 million square meters of housing were commissioned, in the manufacturing industry products worth 600 billion tenge were produced, and in agriculture - in the amount of 500 billion tenge. In the construction sector, work worth 500 billion tenge was done. During this period, more than 65 thousand new jobs were created, of which 55 thousand were permanent jobs.During the speech, Bakhyt Duysenovich focused on the work done in the field of economics, agriculture and small business, construction, housing and communal services, transport, education, healthcare, social security of the Kyzylorda region.

“Over the past 5 years, about 90 production jobs and more than 1,800 new jobs have been created in the industry. As a result, the region has embarked on the development of production of such types of products as ammonium metavanadate, grouting cement, lime, fiberglass pipes, pipes for underground irrigation and rubber powders, safflower oil, corn juice, men's shirts, clothing for the armed forces, ” said Bakhyt Zhakhanov.

It should be noted that this year, in order to develop mining in the region, it is planned to begin exploration in the Talap lead-zinc deposit and Ak kespe titanium-zirconium deposit. Along with this, it is planned to resume the work of one of the world's largest deposits - the lead-zinc deposit “Shalkiya”. Shalkiya is considered the 5th deposit in the world with zinc reserves of 6.5 million tons. The development of this deposit will allow the company to become a major market participant, as well as produce lead in large quantities.

Bakhyt Zhakhanov noted that the implementation of the state program of industrial and innovative development gave a new impetus to the development of the manufacturing industry. As a result, 26 productions were launched as part of the above program.

Today, the cement cement plant, launched in December 2018, produces 6 types of cement, and since July 2019, the plant's products have been exported. In 2020, it is planned to implement 10 major projects worth more than 408 billion tenge. Among them is the Glass Factory.

“The work on the glass factory is under control. The contractor of the project, China Triumph, is completing construction and installation work in May this year, the furnace will be ignited in June, and the plant is scheduled to start in July, ”informed the deputy mayor of the region, Bakhyt Duysenovich.

This year it is planned to put into operation the first line for the enrichment of quartz sand, a poultry farm with a capacity of 1,500 tons of meat per year, and also to complete the construction of a meat processing plant. In addition, the construction of a plant for the production of camel milk and a plant for the production of fiberglass and high-pressure tubing will begin. It should be noted that this year the construction of the third Spanish salt production workshop with a capacity of 120 thousand tons of salt per year and the first calcined salt production plant in the republic will begin.

At the Parliamentary hearings, the development of the agro-industrial complex was discussed. The volume of investments attracted to agriculture over the past 5 years has reached $ 19 million. According to the plan, by 2022 it is planned to increase the gross agricultural output by 1.6 times, and export by 2.5 times.
Also at the hearings were questions on small business, tariffs, housing and communal services and the social sphere.

Today in the region, the coverage of children aged 3 to 6 years with preschool education is 100 percent. Questions emergency and three-shift schools have found a solution. Along with this, the issues of large emergency facilities in the healthcare sector have been completely resolved. It should be noted that due to the development of this sphere over 3 years, the life expectancy of the population of the region increased by 1 year. And in order to solve the problem of staff shortages over the past 3 years, 399 specialists (doctors) were involved in the region, of which 49 percent were sent to primary health care organizations. Thus, the level of provision with doctors is 82 percent.

Along with the social sphere, Bakhyt Duysenovich spoke about the work done in the field of sports, culture, digitalization, security and in the framework of public-private partnership.

The deputy akim of the region Bakhyt Zhakhanov noted that among the priority goals is to provide online services to all necessary areas of life.

“In order to promptly introduce high technologies in various sectors of the economy, 47 digitalization projects have been implemented since 2018, work continues on 11 projects. The“ Unified duty and dispatch service ”has been launched. Now all emergency services (101, 102, 103, 112) are available on a single number "112", - said the deputy akim of the region Bakhyt Duysenovich.

It should be noted that as part of this day, an exhibition of manufactured products on the land of Cheese, agricultural goods, as well as exhibits excavated under the Rukhani Zhangyru program in the region, new technologies in the field of digitalization and the tourism potential of the region was organized.