Today, the meeting of the Regional Council on attracting investors and improving the investment climate was chaired by akim of the region K. Iskakov. On the agenda there was reviewed the progress of the execution of the memorandum between the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the akim of the region regarding the investment rate.

The main goal of the Regional Council, which has been operating since 2016, is to consider outstanding issues of investment projects, make effective decisions and improve the investment climate.

The head of the region focused on the work done last year and noted the achievements.

“In the previous year there were held 4 meetings of the Regional Council and were reviewed the implementation progress of 6 investment projects and issues on the creation of free economic zone “Baikonur”, and were identified the organizations responsible for attracting and supporting investors. At the end of 2019, investments in fixed assets amounted to 400 billion tenge, and compared to 2018, this indicator increased by 17.4%. As a result, our region entered the top four in the Republic. This is the result of our collaboration. We must keep this pace”, - said akim of the region Kuanyshbek Iskakov.

In 2019, 400 billion tenge were disbursed and 88,6 billion tenge (22.1%) of them were financed from the republican budget. In particular, funds were allocated from the republican budget for large one-time projects, such as Aksuat, Saksaulsk gas compressor station, and Saryarka gas pipeline. The remaining 311,4 billion tenge are the funds, raised by the region’s own forces.

In addition, the meeting of the Council was followed by statements on the implementation of projects by several akims of the districts and the city of Kyzylorda, who signed the memorandum and plans to attract investment for the current year. As well as, the head of the regional Department of industrial and innovative development, Rinat Sultangereyev made a report on the upcoming work to attract investment.

At the end of the meeting, Kuanyshbek Dosmayilovich approved the volume of investments that will be mastered this year and instructed the regional administrations, akimats of the city and districts to ensure the work to attract investment.

“The First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Leader of the Nation N.A. Nazarbayev instructed to increase the share of investment in the country's GDP over the next 5 years by the end of 2024 to 30%. In this regard, a high rate of investment was approved throughout the republic. In accordance with the memorandum signed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, this year our region should attract 481 billion tenge investment”, - said the head of the region K. Iskakov.